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Directory of Extreme Event Expertise

The Directory of Extreme Event Expertise lists University at Buffalo participants in the UB 2020 Strategic Strength of Extreme Events: Mitigation and Response. A wide variety of disciplines are represented in the directory. It can be browsed by name or department, searched by keyword, or viewed in its entirety.  Contact information, research interests and a summary of recent relevant research are available for each entry.

Department Index


Edward Steinfeld

Buffalo Center for Social Research

Lisa Butler

Center for Geohazard Studies

Eliza Calder

Greg A. Valentine


Frank V. Bright

James F. Garvey

Troy D. Wood

Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Amjad Aref

Michel Bruneau

Michael C. Constantinou

Andre Filiatrault

Igor Jankovic

James N. Jensen

George C. Lee

Andrei M. Reinhorn

Adel W. Sadek

Qian Wang


Mark G. Frank

Computer Science and Engineering

Murat Demirbas


Richard J. Karalus

Michael D. Moskal


Isaac Ehrlich

Electrical Engineering

W. James Sarjeant

Jennifer Zirnheld

Emergency Medicine

William H. Dice

Dietrich Jehle

Jeff Myers

Family Medicine

Gregory G. Homish

Thomas C. Rosenthal


Ling Bian

Chris Larsen

Chris S. Renschler

Le Wang


Eliza Calder

Beata Csatho

Tracy K.P. Gregg

Michael F. Sheridan

Greg A. Valentine

Health Behavior

Gregory G. Homish

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Rajan Batta

Ann Bisantz

Li Lin

Moises Sudit

Jun Zhuang

Industry/University Center for Biosurfaces

Robert E. Baier

Anne E. Meyer

Robert C. Sugarman

Learning and Instruction

Deborah Moore-Russo

Randy K. Yerrick


Philip Hancock

Natalie C. Simpson


E. Bruce Pitman

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Deborah D.L. Chung

John L. Crassidis

Paul E. DesJardin

Venkat N. Krovi

Kemper Lewis

Abani K. Patra

Matthew Ringuette

Tarunraj Singh

Puneet Singla


Anthony A. Campagnari

Thomas A. Russo

Microbiology and Immunology

Anthony A. Campagnari

Terry D. Connell

John Hay

Richard J. Karalus

Michael W. Russell

William T. Ruyechan

Noreen Williams

National Center for Geographic Information & Analysis

Chris S. Renschler

National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis

Le Wang


Kemper Lewis

Oral Biology

Michael W. Russell

Oral Diagnostic Sciences

Robert E. Baier


Werner Ceusters

Steven L Dubovsky


Michael J. Poulin

Public Health

Donald W. Rowe

Social and Preventive Medicine

Pavani Ram

Social Work

Lisa Butler

Catherine N. Dulmus

Kathleen A. Kost

Toxicology Research Center

Joseph A. Syracuse

Urban and Regional Planning

Sam Cole

Daniel B. Hess

JiYoung Park

Ernest Sternberg