Andre Filiatrault photo


Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

University at Buffalo

212 Ketter Hall

Buffalo, NY 14260

716-645-2114 ext 2434


Dr. Andre Filiatrault


Research Interests:

Structural dynamics; Earthquake engineering; Seismic performance of structures with passive supplemental damping systems, nonstructural components & equipment; Seismic testing of large-scale structural components & systems; Design of wood structures

Summary of Recent Relevant Research:

André Filiatrault’s research over the past twenty years has been centered on the seismic testing, analysis and design of civil engineering structures. Professor Filiatrault conducted several numerical and experimental investigations on the seismic response of large-scale structural and nonstructural components and systems. In 2003, he led the first shake table test in the US of a full-scale 500 kV electrical transformer tank-bushing assembly. In 2006, he led the seismic testing of the largest wood building ever tested on a shake table worldwide. Recent accomplishments also include: the development of seismic design guidelines for pallet-type steel storage racks, the seismic testing of wood buildings incorporating passive damping systems, the development of computer software for the seismic analysis of wood buildings, and the seismic fragility testing of HVAC equipment mounted on vibration isolation/restraint systems and of piping-partition-ceiling systems.

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