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University at Buffalo

460 Natural Sciences Complex

Buffalo, NY 14260

716-645-6800 ext 2106


Dr. James F. Garvey

webpage: http://www.chem.buffalo.edu/garvey.php

Research Interests:

Sterilizing air; Compressive heating; Purifying large gas flows; Killing anthrax; SARS; MARS; Legionnaire’s disease; Avian flu; TB; Airborne pathogens

Summary of Recent Relevant Research:

The BioBlower device was created to rapidly and continuously cycle large quantities of air (or aerosolized liquid), while simultaneously sterilizing the entire flow of air, as it passes through the apparatus. The BioBlower is designed to continuously destroy ALL biological pathogens within the air flow, including all bacteria, spores, viruses, pollen and molds that are harmful to humans. It accomplishes this complete air purification without the use of filters, without the use of UV/X-ray light and without the use of any toxic fumigant! The BioBlower accomplishes this complete bio-kill through the completely novel approach of compressive heating of the air stream as it is quickly cycled through a standard electrically powered rotary pump. This prompt, uniform heating instantly kills any and all bio-matter (i.e., anthrax spores, smallpox, SARS, influenza, tuberculosis, E. Coli, mold, fungi, allergens, etc…) in the air flow, ‘blowing’ breathable, disinfected air back into the building/room/tent. A key advantage to this technology is that the process is inherently scaleable. The BioBlower can be small enough to act as a portable unit for tent inflation, or to create an isolation ward on demand. In contrast, the BioBlower can be manufactured as large as to be permanently installed within a building, to handle the entire air flow of the structure. The BioBlower can be employed in many applications, but not limited to: military use against bioterror attacks on buildings, portable shelters or vehicles, hospital quarantine rooms, reverse isolation rooms, biological clean rooms, and for both government and commercial office buildings. Our initial target market is the military which, in the Collective Protection area alone is estimated at several billion dollars in size. We are targeting in parallel the hospital quarantine and reverse isolation rooms. We will expand into related markets and segments such as commercial buildings as success is achieved in the military/government market and as the company grows.