Richard J. Karalus photo

Director of Microbiology


4455 Genesee Street

P.O. Box 400, B3-307 Center of Excellence

Buffalo, NY 14225



Research Assistant Professor

Microbiology and Immunology

University at Buffalo

139 Biomedical Research Bldg

Buffalo, NY 14214



Dr. Richard J. Karalus


Research Interests:

Biodefense related issues including biodetection, the development of novel therapeutics, decontamination, and aerosol biology modeling

Summary of Recent Relevant Research:

The CUBRC laboratories have been developing biological agent detection systems that utilize state of the art molecular detection strategies. These systems are capable of accepting crude environmental samples, isolating and purifying DNA and performing detection on disposable cartridges. The detection strategies utilize real-time PCR and microarray technology, and are capable of rapidly detecting down to the single numbers of biological agents. These detectors could be employed at strategic sites to provide early warning in the event of an attack with biological agents so that exposed persons may seek treatment

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