W. James Sarjeant photo

James Clerk Maxwell General Dynamics Chair Professor and Director, Energy Systems Institute

Electrical Engineering

University at Buffalo

314A Bonner Hall

Buffalo, NY 14260

716-645-3115 ext 1208


Dr. W. James Sarjeant

webpage: http://www.esi.buffalo.edu

Research Interests:

Capacitor development; Insulation coordination; Pulsed power; Power modulation; Partial discharge analysis

Summary of Recent Relevant Research:

The research focus of the Energy Systems Institute (ESI) is the development of mechanisms to predict failure in electronic systems, while also developing new and novel techniques for protection of electrical systems under extreme conditions. The Institute works with other basic research institutions and with Original Equipment Manufacturers (that make custom electronics to their customer's specifications) and with government laboratories or departments that need to be sure that their product will work when required. ESIís strategy has been to test and develop systems diagnostics, stage by stage taking developed or developing materials and evaluating them for electrical stress. With the current technological emphasis on electronics size reduction, with increased power density, and high frequency operation, designed/built in diagnostics become even more critical. Our most recent partnerships involve projects working with the military/industrial complex to make the electronics components of a broad spectrum of systems fail-safe for the public at large.