George C. Lee photo

SUNY Distinguished Professor and Samuel P. Capen Professor of Engineering

Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

University at Buffalo

429 Bell Hall

Buffalo, NY 14260



Dr. George C. Lee


Research Interests:

Seismic design and retrofit of buildings and bridges; Multiple hazard design principles and guidelines; Structural response modification technologies

Summary of Recent Relevant Research:

Dr. Lee was the Director of MCEER between 1992 and 2002. He has dedicated a major effort to establishing the theme of MCEER by engaging multidisciplinary team efforts in earthquake engineering research to develop quantifiable earthquake resilient communities. Since 2002, Dr. Lee has been working on the development of advanced technologies for multi-hazard protection of critical buildings and infrastructure systems as a new frontier of earthquake engineering research. He is the principal investigator of several current research projects including “Design of Steel Buildings Against Earthquake and Post-Earthquake Fire,” “Multiple Hazard Protection of Large Public Buildings,” sponsored by the National Science Foundation; and “Multi-hazard Design of Highway Bridges,” a major research contract sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration. Since the World Trade Center disaster, he has advanced the concept of a new engineering research and educational program on “Disaster Engineering.”

figure 1

The Critical Building (Hospital) with Multiple Hazard Monitoring and Decision Support System