Chris S. Renschler photo

Associate Professor


University at Buffalo

116 Wilkeson Quad

Buffalo, NY 14261



National Center for Geographic Information & Analysis

University at Buffalo

301 Wilkeson Quad

Buffalo, NY 14261



Dr. Chris S. Renschler


Research Interests:

Extreme event analysis of earth system processes; Process-based environmental models, GIS & remote sensing; Dev. and implementation of geospatial process-based multi-hazard modeling tools; Decision- and policy-making in natural resources & hazards mgmt

Summary of Recent Relevant Research:

The formulation of my integrated data transformation and scaling theory contributes to our fundamental understanding and ability to communicate how we (a) represent the spatiotemporal variability, extremes, and uncertainty of environmental properties and processes in the digital domain, how we (b) transform their spatiotemporal representation across scales during data processing and modeling in the digital domain, and how we design and develop tools for (c) geo-spatial data management and (d) geo-spatial process modeling and implement them to effectively (e) support decision- and policy-making in natural resources and hazard management at various spatial and temporal scales of interest.

figure 1

Scaling theory describing and documenting the transformation of information across scales