Rajan Batta photo


Industrial and Systems Engineering

University at Buffalo

410 Bell Hall

Buffalo, NY 14260

716-645-2357 ext 2110


Dr. Rajan Batta

webpage: http://www.acsu.buffalo.edu/~batta/

Research Interests:

Airport Security System Design; Security Risk Modeling for Trucks Transporting Hazardous Materials; Management of Casualty Queues in a Disaster Setting; Management of Critical Resources in a Disaster Setting

Summary of Recent Relevant Research:

A current project related to extreme events relates to modeling of security risk for a truck carrying hazardous materials. Network security is examined by evaluating and limiting the available links to HazMat routing based on risk measurements described and by devising routes that seek to mitigate any consequence and dissuade attacks. Given a road network, the Hazardous-Network Design Problem (HDP) selects links that should be closed to HazMat transportation in order to minimize total risk. The formulation of the HDP is bi-level, containing an outer and inner problem that mimics the interaction between policy makers and HazMat carriers.