Ling Bian photo



University at Buffalo

105 Wilkeson Quad

Buffalo, NY 14261



Dr. Ling Bian


Research Interests:

Individual-based spatially explicit epidemiological modeling; Interoperable environmental models; Geographic image retreival

Summary of Recent Relevant Research:

The spread of communicable diseases, such as SARS, anthrax, and Ebola, through a population is an intrinsic spatial and temporal process. This project uses an individual-based and spatially explicit framework for modeling the dispersion of communicable diseases in communities. This framework allows the representation of discrete individuals, individualized interactions, and interaction patterns in a network of human contact. The explicit representation of the spatial location and mobility of individuals in particular facilitates the modeling of spatial and temporal heterogeneity in the disease transmission. This approach helps identify those communities that are vulnerable to the spread of some of the most dangerous communicable diseases in potential events of bio-terror threats. The figure below illustrates differences in spatial dispersion of diseases based on demographic, socio-economic, and employment structures of communities.

figure 1