Deborah D.L. Chung photo

National Grid Endowed Chair Professor

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

University at Buffalo

608 Furnas Hall

Buffalo, NY 14260

716-645-2593 ext 2243


Dr. Deborah D.L. Chung


Research Interests:

Smart materials & structures; Multifunctional structural materials; Strain, stress and damage sensing; Structural health monitoring; Structural vibration control; Electromagnetic interference shielding; Traffic & evacuation monitoring; Energy generation

Summary of Recent Relevant Research:

Recent research relates to the use of multifunctional cement-based materials developed by Professor Chung to sense strain, stress and damage and to generate electricity. Stress sensing is relevant to evacuation monitoring in relation to buildings and highways. Damage sensing is relevant to damage assessment and hazard mitigation. Electricity generation by cement-based materials allows individual structures to generate their own energy, thereby alleviating the problem of power outage. The multifunctional cement-based materials technologies are available for licensing and field testing.