Moises Sudit photo

Managing Director, Center for Multisource Information Fusion

Industrial and Systems Engineering

University at Buffalo

414 Bell Hall

Buffalo, NY 14260

716-645-2357 ext 2473


Dr. Moises Sudit


Research Interests:

Data/Information Fusion; Discrete Optimization; Graph Theory and Network Optimization; Situational Understanding

Summary of Recent Relevant Research:

Dr. Moises Suditís primary research interests are in the theory and applications of Discrete Optimization. More specifically, he has been concerned in the design and analysis of methods to solve problems in the areas of Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization. One primary goal of this research has been the development of efficient exact and approximate (heuristic) procedures to solve large-scale engineering and management problems. As managing director of the Center for Multisource Information Fusion, Dr. Sudit has merged the interests of Operations Research with Information Fusion.