Dietrich Jehle photo

Professor and Director of Emergency Ultrasonography

Emergency Medicine

University at Buffalo

Buffalo, NY 14214



Associate Medical Director

Erie County Medical Center

462 Grider Street

Buffalo, NY 14215



Dr. Dietrich Jehle

Research Interests:

Emergency Medicine; Bedside Sonography; Transportation Injury; Resuscitation

Summary of Recent Relevant Research:

Dietrich Jehle has been principal investigator on several federally funded studies of traffic safety, investigating accident and fatality rates as they correspond to speed variance and road design, vehicle weight, seat belt usage and other variables involved in car crashes.This research is conducted through the Center for Transportation Injury Research and the Calspan University at Buffalo Research Center (CUBRC). He is one of the country’s leading clinical practitioners, instructors and researchers in emergency bedside ultrasonography. An imaging technique commonly used in obstetrics and internal medicine, ultrasonography was slower to develop in EM but has proven to be an extremely effective tool in expediting diagnosis and improving treatment efficacy in trauma centers around the country. ECMC has recently been recognized as having the best trauma outcomes of any of the 50 trauma centers in New York State.