Mark G. Frank photo

Associate Professor and Director, Communication Science Center


University at Buffalo

Fargo Quad Suite 101

Buffalo, NY 14261



Dr. Mark G. Frank

Research Interests:

Deception; Detecting Deception; Facial Expressions; Emotions; Interpersonal Interaction

Summary of Recent Relevant Research:

A terrorist act is a profoundly human act, and my research examines people’s behaviors in security settings, including counter-terrorism, intelligence gathering, law enforcement and the legal system. Our work looks at what clues are associated with deception and malfeasant intentions, as well as how good are people at spotting such clues, whether we can train people to spot them better, what sort of interpersonal styles optimize intelligence gathering in interviews, and whether we can create automated systems that might facilitate the identification of individuals who intend to commit an extreme event, or catching the perpetrators of such an act.

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