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Urban and Regional Planning

University at Buffalo

203 Hayes Hall

Buffalo, NY 14214

716-829-2133 ext 203


Dr. Sam Cole


Research Interests:

Global futures studies; Regional economic development; Tourism; Island planning; Crisis Management

Summary of Recent Relevant Research:

Trained in the UK as a theoretical physicist, Sam has worked in community, regional and international planning and development since 1970. Projects with MCEER are reported in Social Accounting for Disaster Management and Recovery Planning (NCEER-93-0002, also published in Kunreuther and Rose, The Economics of Natural Hazards, Vo1, 2004) and Regional and Inter-regional Calamity Preparedness and Decision Support (in Engineering and Socioeconomic Impacts of Earthquakes, Shinozuka et al., MCEER, 1998). He has contributed to seminars on Disaster Preparedness in the Europe, China, Latin America, West Africa, the US and China. In 2005, he was awarded an MCEER/NSF US-China collaboration grant. His current work involves the integration of portfolio and risk management theories into models of chaos and complexity to understand the dynamic relationships between hazards, events, protection, disruptions, and disasters in socio-economic systems (summarized in Journal of Security Education, 2006).

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