Ann Bisantz photo

Associate Professor

Industrial and Systems Engineering

University at Buffalo

438 Bell Hall

Buffalo, NY 14260

716-645-2357 ext 2474


Dr. Ann Bisantz


Research Interests:

Human factors; Cognitive engineering; Human-decision making; Information displays

Summary of Recent Relevant Research:

Dr. Bisantz research involves support of expert performance in complex human-technology systems, through models of decision-making demands, task information, and decision making strategies. For instance, we have studied the role of visual, auditory, and tactile representations of information uncertainty and pedigree to support decision making in geo-spatial tasks. Other work has involved applying cognitive engineering techniques to an emergency operations system in order to develop useful information sources for incident personnel. A work domain analysis of an emergency management environment (in a post-earthquake context) was performed, and linked abstraction hierarchy models representing the emergency management and response system, the physical environment (e.g., buildings, transportation systems, civilians), and other goal directed agents (e.g., civilian responders and volunteers) were created. Outputs from that analysis (information requirements) were input to the design of the information processing algorithms, providing guidance as to the nature of information required by decision makers, which could be computed through fusion capabilities. This work presents an example of an integrated cognitive engineering/multisensor fusion methodology.

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