JiYoung Park photo

Assistant Professor

Urban and Regional Planning

University at Buffalo

201F Hayes Hall

3435 Main St Bldg 1

Buffalo, NY 14214

716-829-3485 ext 209


Dr. JiYoung Park

webpage: http://www.ap.buffalo.edu/planning/people/park.asp

Research Interests:

Economic/Transportation System Modeling and Impact Analysis; Disaster and Security Planning; Environmental/Energy Economics; Transportation Planning; Urban/Regional Economics; Applied and Spatial Econometrics

Summary of Recent Relevant Research:

Professor JiYoung Park developed National Interstate Economic Model (NIEMO), a spatially disaggregated operational MRIO (Multiregional Input-Output) model of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The NIEMO is used to analyze economic impacts resulting from natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and hypothetical terrorist attacks (See Figure 1 for NIEMO modeling and development process). He extends NIEMO by including: (1) transportation and multi-modal systems, (2) international countries, (3) temporal extension, (4) price elasticity of demand, (5) HAZUS software, and (6) game theory. The extensions provide us to estimate the economic impacts spilled over regionally and periodically from important infrastructure disruptions in the U.S. including resilient effects. He is also consulting with local governments, e.g. Southern California Government Association (SCAG), for constructing local economic and transportation models which forecast the future of the regionís economic indices and transportation patterns if an extreme event occurs in a local region.

figure 1

NIEMO Modeling and Development process