Matthew Ringuette photo

Assistant Professor

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

University at Buffalo

327 Jarvis Hall

Buffalo, NY 14260

716-645-2593 ext 2312


Dr. Matthew Ringuette


Research Interests:

Experimental fluid mechanics; bio-inspired propulsion for autonomous vehicle design; unsteady vortex dynamics; fluid-structure interactions; shock-wave boundary layer interactions

Summary of Recent Relevant Research:

A proposed project is the investigation of bird-like flapping flight at the systems level to design autonomous aircraft for use in disaster mitigation. Applications include tracking the release of airborne toxins and searching for victims in urban environments, which requires maneuverability and long-duration soaring. Also of interest is the unsteady fluid mechanics governing the dynamic loading of buildings subjected to high winds, and the dispersion of scalars such as hazardous aerosols in cities. Another topic is shock waves. The unsteady loading in a Mach 3 shock-wave turbulent boundary layer interaction was investigated using fluctuating wall-pressure measurements during prior post-doctoral work.

figure 1

A turbulent boundary layer on a flat plate interacting with a shock wave generated by a compression ramp at Mach 3. Flat plate is at bottom of image; from Ringuette et al. AIAA Journal, 47 2009.