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Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

University at Buffalo

233 Ketter Hall

Buffalo, NY 14260

716-645-2114 ext 2421


Dr. Adel W. Sadek


Research Interests:

Transportation Systems Modeling and Simulation; Intelligent Transportation Systems; Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Applications in Transportation; Traffic Engineering; Infrastructure Management; Transportation Planning

Summary of Recent Relevant Research:

Microscopic simulation models, especially those that combine routing logic with accurate modeling of traffic flow dynamics, have vast untapped potential for modeling large-scale transportation networks and for achieving the resolution level required for addressing emerging transportation issues such as concerns about emergency preparedness. Microscopic simulation models can also be used to develop effective dynamic routing strategies for a transportation network in case of evacuations and major incidents. Building and calibrating such models, however, is quite challenging and is currently not widely understood. The main intent of this study was therefore to evaluate the feasibility of developing and calibrating a large-scale microscopic simulation for an area of about 1,400 square kilometers, while utilizing primarily readily available information that most Metropolitan Planning Organizations around the country would have access to. The study includes a summary of the main lessons learned and modeling pitfalls to be avoided.

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