Qian Wang photo

Assistant Professor

Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

University at Buffalo

231 Ketter Hall

Buffalo, NY 14260

716-645-2114 ext 2445


Dr. Qian Wang

webpage: http://www.civil.buffalo.edu/people/interactive-people-search/name:qian-wang/

Research Interests:

Transportation Planning; Travel Demand Forecasting; Freight System Modeling; Congestion Pricing; Behavioral Choice Modeling

Summary of Recent Relevant Research:

Regarding extreme events, Dr. Wang’s primary research interests are in transportation risk management, emergency logistic systems, and the evacuation planning and modeling. Dr. Wang’s most recent project is to develop methods and procedures for the risk assessment and effective management of transportation systems under multiple hazard situations, including earthquakes, inclement weathers, major accidents, emergency evacuations, and combinations consisting of two or more such hazards. As the first stage of the project, the project team is developing a new evaluation procedure that assesses the impact of earthquakes on both people and goods movements. The associated module will be added to REDARS 2, a public-domain seismic risk analysis software package developed by MCEER. As an extension, the further tasks will focus on broadening the framework to consider different and multiple hazards and place the emphasis not only on risk assessment but also on risk management.