Beata Csatho photo

Associate Professor


University at Buffalo

411 Cooke Hall

Buffalo, NY 14260

716-645-6800 ext 3921


Dr. Beata Csatho

Research Interests:

Geographic Information Science; Remote Sensing; Geohazard Monitoring; Glaciology

Summary of Recent Relevant Research:

Remote sensing and data fusion technologies are crucial for improving our understanding of the physical processes involved in extreme events, for assessing their larger-area impacts, and for creating a vital area of interface between hazard sciences and cyberinfrastructure. Dr. Csatho's research is related to the understanding of the complex dynamics of the Earth's system and its interaction with the human environment. To process, merge and analyze data sets from multiple sources, she adopts methodologies from geophysics, remote sensing, photogrammetry, geodesy, spatial statistics, GIS, visualization, digital image processing, pattern recognition, and data fusion. Her current research includes the development of image understanding, registration and data fusion methods for rapid mapping and monitoring of urban environments, the development of airborne and satellite laser mapping methods for investigating geodynamics, environmental changes, ice sheet mass balance and glacier dynamics; and the application of remote sensing, GPS and photogrammetry for characterizing of ice flow, volcanic geomorphology and crustal deformation.