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Demonstration Report

University at Buffalo Nonstructural Component Simulator (UB-NCS) Preliminary Report:
Seismic Performance Assessment of a Full-Scale Hospital Emergency Room

This preliminary report - approximately 20 percent complete - presents preliminary findings. The report presents a description of the experimental tests performed to demonstrate the actual testing capabilities of the Nonstructural Component Simulator (UB-NCS), the latest testing equipment upgrade at the Structural Engineering and Earthquake Simulation Laboratory (SEESL) at the University at Buffalo. A detailed description of the UB-NCS and its capabilities is out of scope of this report and it can be found in references [1] and [2].

Section 1 of this report presents a general overview of the project, describing its main objectives and
scopes. Section 2 presents a description of the testing specimen. Section 3 describes the testing protocol
used for the seismic performance assessment of the emergency room. Section 4 summarizes the tests
program conducted and Section 5 presents some preliminary experimental results. Finally, Section 6
presents the preliminary conclusions of this research.

More detailed versions of this report will be prepared and posted to this website in the future.