Retreat at Cornell, 2000

The first MCEER SLC Day was held at Cornell University on August 7-8, 2000.  The event was sponsored by MCEER, and was jointly organized by MCEER and the EERI Student Chapters at Cornell University and University at Buffalo.  The primary goal of this meeting was to provide a forum for student presentations, and to give students the opportunity to meet colleagues from other universities involved in MCEER related research.  Among the participants were students from Cornell, Buffalo, RPI and Syracuse universities.  MCEER’s three undergraduate interns (of the REU program) also attended the meeting.  After an interesting opening presentation by Dr. Thomas O’Rourke on “Large Deformation Behavior of Buried Pipelines with Elbows Subjected to Permanent Ground Deformation”, 10 students (see attendees list) made presentations on various research topics which included: Relocating Potential Plastic Hinge Region in a Building Frame, Communicating Using Advanced Internet Technologies, Study of Irregular Structures, Seismic Analysis and Design of Unbonded Post-tensioned Bridge Substructure Systems, Seismic Retrofit of Steel Pipeline Joints with Fiber Reinforced Composites, Inelastic Seismic Response of an Irregular Structure, Dynamic Sensitivity Analysis, Experimental Investigation of a Highly Effective Energy Dissipation System, Sloping Roller Isolation System (SRIS), Limit State Model for Soil-Pile Interaction during Lateral Spread.

REU's Jason Hanley (UB), Tony Yang (UB), and Jason McCormick (Catholic University of America) With Ani Natali Sigaher (UB) and Dyah Kusumastuti (UB)

Dyah Kusumastuti (UB) Giving Her Presentation on The Study of Irregular Structures

The two-day format of the meeting allowed for a picnic dinner at magnificent Taughannock Falls State Park at the end of the first day.  The dinner was a great opportunity for students to interact and exchange further ideas. Other highlights of the meeting included a tour of the Winter Laboratory for Structural Engineering Research, where a large-scale test model on pipe joints subjected to permanent ground deformations was observed.  The meeting was adjourned following an evaluation session where the participants filled out a questionnaire, which would provide positive input for similar activities in the future.  Although this was the first time MCEER SLC organized such an event, it turned out to be a great success – giving the students an opportunity to interact and providing them with peer review from other colleagues on their research.

Special thanks to Keith Evan Kesner (Cornell) for handling the organizational details of the event and to MCEER for its support.

The Sand Box In Winter Laboratory

The Retreat Group In Winter Laboratory