About the Site

Student at computer

This Web site was developed to provide middle school teachers with a comprehensive, single source education tool. Connecte²d Teaching presents a unique real-life scenario in earthquake engineering design, offering students the opportunity to increase their understanding while motivating them to learn more, and to explore the fascinating world of STEM – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The site is divided into several interrelated sections covering a wide range of materials, with each area providing distinctive learning objectives.

  • The Lesson Plans section contains materials that will engage students in authentic, disaster-related projects.
  • The Shake & Quake section is an interactive simulation tool, which allows the student to assume the role of structural engineer and to design a building.
  • Teachers and students learn more about the importance of sound Earthquake Engineering & Design principles and the need to implement them from this section.
  • Another valuable tool for students and teachers is the E-Resources section, which includes a searchable database providing links to authoritative Web sites about earthquakes and other related topics.
  • To round out the site, visit the Showcase of student work to see photos and video clips of student activites, competitions, and announcements for upcoming events.