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Connecte²d Teaching is a unique education project that blends advanced structural engineering practices, testing procedures, and modeling to create an engaging, but informative learning experience for middle grade students and teachers. Combining talent from the University at Buffalo's engineering and education departments with that of local teachers, the project embraces both the theoretical and practical with the fundamental objective of engaging students in STEM education.

Sofia Tangalos, MCEER Senior Program Officer
Sofia served as project coordinator, information architect, and content editor.
Deborah Moore-Russo, SUNY Buffalo Assistant Professor of Education
Deborah developed and assisted with the pilot testing of the lesson plans, the architecture of the website, and the compilation of the E-resources.
Gilberto Mosqueda, SUNY Buffalo Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering
Gilberto coordinated the development of the simulation engine and shake table activities for the earthquake engineering design portion of the project.
Don Trainor, Flash Developer
Don created the actionscript for the Flash animation, essentially bringing to life the scenes and artwork of the earthquake simulator.
Brian Meyer, Department of Learning & Instruction PhD candidate
Brian has modified and created lesson plans and assisted with teacher training and professional development.
Kristina Rugg, MEd and MA Mathematics
Kristina created and edited the lesson plans, participated in classroom observations and assisted with the e-Resources database.
Mehdi Ahmadizadeh, PhD
Mehdi created the computer model of the five-story building, then conducted numerous tests to generate data used for the earthquake simulator.
Amit Sharma, Database Developer/Programmer
Amit developed both the earthquake simulation and the e-Resources databases of the website, in addition to handling the backend programming for the Flash animation.
Dave Cavanaugh, Web Designer/Developer
Dave developed the website and the Flash interface and edited, modified and expanded the content of both.
Bill Garlapo, Mill Middle School earth science teacher
Bill contributed numerous suggestions during the development of the lesson plans and piloted the lessons in two of his classes.
Elaine Nieman, Buffalo Academy of Science middle school mathematics teacher
Elaine piloted many of the lessons in her classroom, providing the team with practical application data which was used to enhance the lesson plans.
Mark Rivard, Lewiston-Porter Middle School technology teacher
Mark offered invaluable input during the content creation phase and hosted the first classroom project and demonstration.

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