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Bridge Engineering Distinguished Speaker Series - Past Speakers

Speakers and Presentations - Fall 2011



5:00 to 6:15 p.m. - Presentations
6:30 to 7:45 p.m. - Discussion Period

Aug. 29


No invited speaker
George C. Lee, University at Buffalo

Course Introduction / Writing Research Proposals
(Discussion Period with Waseem Dekelbab, TRB)

Sept. 12

High Performance Materials I:

Ronnie Medlock, High Steel Structures, Inc.
Recent Advances in Steel Fabrication
Flyer | Presentation

Sept. 19

High Performance Materials II:

Benjamin Graybeal, FHWA
Ultra-High Performance Concrete
Flyer | Presentation

Sept. 26

High Performance Materials III:

Issam Harik, University of Kentucky
Strengthening Bridges with Carbon FRP Composites
Flyer | Handouts

Oct. 3

Advanced Technologies I: Structural Health Monitoring & Diagnostic Technology

Maria Feng, Univ. of California - Irvine
Structural Health Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology
Flyer | Handouts

Oct. 10

Advanced Technologies II: Response Modification Technologies

Ian Buckle, Univ. of Nevada - Reno
Seismic Isolation Technologies for Highway Bridges
Flyer | Presentation | Example 1 | Example 2

Oct. 17

Advanced Technologies III:
Bridge Design Software

Stephen Mahin, UC Berkeley
Structural Engineering Contributions to Improving the Seismic Resilience of Transportation Systems

Oct. 24

Student Presentations (10 minutes per problem statement)

Oct. 31

Foundation Engineering I

Kornel Kerenyi, FHWA
Protecting Against Scour, the #1 Cause of Bridge Failure
Kerenyi Flyer | Required Worksheet | Handout 1
Handout 2

Nov. 7

Probability-based Design Approach

Wagdy Wassef, Modjeski & Masters, Inc.
AASHTO’s LRFD Bridge Design Specification
Flyer | Presentation

Nov. 14

Probability-based Load Rating

Dennis Mertz, University of Delaware
Load and Resistance Factor Rating (LRFR)
Flyer | Presentation | Handout 1 | Handout 2

Nov. 21

Emergency Response Engineering

Barton Newton, California DOT
Case Studies in Bridge Engineering as Part of Emergency Response

Nov. 28

Foundation Engineering II

Les Youd, Brigham Young University
Liquefaction Potential & Ground Remediation
Flyer | Presentation

Dec. 5

Student Presentations (10 minutes per proposal)