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Science Exploration Day

Science Exploration Day is an annual University at Buffalo gathering of scientists, engineers and healthcare professionals where each presents a glimpse into the world of science, technology, and healthcare in Western New York. This brief insight is offered to the next generation of prospective scientists and the everyday citizens who will be asked to support science in the 21st century. The event is open to senior high students from public and private schools throughout WNY school districts. The overall goal is to "tune them in to science", so they will continue their studies in science and become part of the future in mathematics, science, engineering, and medical fields.

Following the Keynote Presentation and other guest speakers, the students have the opportunity to attend two small group sessions or lab tours of their choosing. Keynote speakers in the past have presented on topics such as Forensics, Mars Exploration, and the Cold World of Cryogenics. Many of the presenters are from UB and area colleges and universities, as well as local industries, research laboratories and government agencies.

Past Events