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Second UniQ-UB/MCEER Earthquake Engineering Seminar


UPDATE: Registration is Closed

The second in a series of professional development earthquake engineering seminars presented by Haiti's Quisqueya University (UniQ) and the University at Buffalo's MCEER will offer two concurrent tracks—an introductory program and an advanced program—for Haitian structural engineers and architects this September.

Developed in consultation with UniQ faculty and based on Haitian construction practices, each program includes hands-on exercises, design examples and in-field demonstrations. All lectures and seminar materials are presented in French.

The Introductory Program (September 6-7, 2010), which was first offered in May 2010, will be offered again due to high demand. Entitled, "Introduction to Earthquake Engineering and Post-Earthquake Building Assessment," this program aims to help Haitian engineers gain knowledge of fundamental earthquake engineering principles for retrofit of damaged facilities and design of new construction. Participants will also learn how to conduct rapid building assessments using the U.S. standard, Applied Technology Council’s ATC-20 Procedures for Postearthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings.

The Advanced Program (September 5-9, 2010), entitled "Seismic Design Load Calculations and the Seismic Design of Concrete and Masonry Buildings," will provide in-depth instruction on design procedures, construction techniques and structural behaviors of reinforced concrete elements and confined masonry buildings in Haiti. Illustrative examples will be given. In addition, there will be a hands-on demonstration of the construction of a confined masonry wall with the help of a trained Haitian mason. Individuals enrolling in the Advanced Program are required to have already completed the Introductory Program. Participants in this program must earn a passing grade of at least 60% on the technical exam in order to receive a certificate acknowledging completion of training.

Both programs will be held at the Quisqueya University, Haut Turgeau, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Returning instructors André Filiatrault, Ph.D., Eng., Professor of Civil Engineering, University at Buffalo and MCEER Director, and Pierre Fouché, Ph.D. Candidate, University at Buffalo, will be joined by Wassim Ghannoum, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, University of Texas at Austin.

Both Filiatrault and Ghannoum were members of the initial United Nations’-designated Emergency Engineering Support Unit that conducted structural safety assessments on hospitals, food distribution warehouses and government facilities in Haiti shortly following the January 12 earthquake.

The seminars are a component of a longer-term educational initiative included in a Memorandum of Understanding signed by UniQ and UB/MCEER to promote academic exchange and cooperation over the next three years.

Seminar Summary:

Introductory Program: September 6-7, 2010
"Introduction to Earthquake Engineering and Post-Earthquake Building Assessment"

  • Registration fee is 3,000 gourdes
  • Limit of 70 participants

Advanced Program: September 5-9, 2010
"Seismic Design Load Calculations and the Seismic Design of Concrete and Masonry Buildings"

  • Prerequisite: Introductory Program
  • Registration fee is 5,000 gourdes
  • Limit of 110 participants

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