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2005 MCEER Quake and Shake

students watch the test class

On Monday, February 14th, twenty-four third-graders from Sheridan Hill Elementary School in Clarence, New York participated in the 2005 UB-MCEER Quake & Shake. At the event, the students built popsicle-stick structures according to earthquake design principles and then tested them on the shake table in Ketter Hall.

MCEER deputy director Andre Filiatrault made a presentation to the class on earthquake design and provided pointers on how to build the structures, which were required to support a masonry brick at a height of 12" above a wood base.

The students were divided up into the following teams:

Each team built a structure using 150 popsicle sticks, a bottle of Elmer's glue and a roll of dental floss that was then subjected to ground motions from historical earthquakes. After the famous “UB Rumble,” all structures were declared “earthquake proof,” and each student received a certificate naming him or her an "honorary structural engineer."

The event was covered by local media, including Channel 4's "Why Guy" Kevin O'Neill.