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August 5-8, 2004
Kiawah Island Golf Resort
Charleston, South Carolina

Friday, August 6, 2004

Welcome and Symposium Overview

Student Presentations

Analysis of NATM Tunnel Responses due to Earthquake Loading in Various Soils (PDF 1 mb)

Zaneta Adme, FSU

Development of a One-Story Model for Use on an Educational Shake Table (PDF 1.6 mb)

Lisa Anderson, MCEER

Performance of Concentrically Braced Frames Under Cyclic Loading (PDF 800 kb)

Nathan Canney, PEER

Ground Motion Distance Attenuation Measurement & Tools (PDF 138 kb)

Timothy Brownawell, MAE

Effects of MR Damper Placement on Structure Vibration (PDF 896 kb)

Karla Villarreal, FAMU

HD-2 Intra-Plate Source Modeling (PDF 5.3 mb)

Lindsey Oliver, MAE

Performance of Existing Reinforced Concrete Columns under Bidirectional Shear & Axial Loading (PDF 2.89 mb)

Laura Flores, PEER

Cooper River Bridge Tour

Charles T. Dwyer, P.E, Project Manager

Dinner - Baggar Vance

Makola Abdullah, MCEER Diversity Director, will speak after dinner

Saturday, August 7, 2004

DS-3 Response Analysis Tools (PDF 674 kb)

Mary Grondin, MAE

Seismic Isolation for Small Reinforced Concrete Structures (PDF 929 kb)

Abiel Carrillo, MCEER

Building Loss Modeling and Benchmarking: EDP to DV (PDF 1mb)

Vivian Gonzales, PEER

Modeling Community Goal Dynamics (PDF 909 kb)

Meagan Mauter, MAE

3-D Visualization Program for Earthquake Simulation (PDF 2.7mb)

Christina Nishimoto, PEER

Bridge Abutment Soil Compaction Test (PDF 260 kb)

Ashford Kneitel, PEER

Study of Rotational Column with Plastic Hinge (PDF 2.6 mb)

Corey Bergad and Michael Long, MCEER

Engineering Ethics: What It Is and Why It Matters (PDF 190 kb)

Dr. Joseph Herkert, D.Sc., P.E., North Carolina State University

Lateral Loading of Cast-in-drilled-hole Shaft (PDF 778 kb)

Manuel Ponce, PEER

Unbonded Prestressed Structural Steel in Bridge Columns (PDF 1.5 mb)

Kealy Rudersdorf, PEER

Damage Functionality Relationships for Bridges (DS-7b) (PDF 1.4 mb)

Theodore Deligiannidis, MAE

Estimating Damage and Repair Costs (PDF 359 kb)

Raymond Foltz, MAE

DS-4: Vulnerability Functions (PDF 479 kb)

Ty Stokes, MAE