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Student Leadership Council

photo collage of student activitiesThe Student Leadership Council (SLC) is a formal group of students involved in performing MCEER research under the supervision of a faculty advisor. Since its inception, MCEER has included and encouraged student efforts throughout its research program and in all of the disciplinary specialties concerned with earthquake hazard mitigation. Many former students are now in academia, professional practice or government agencies applying knowledge gained during their exposure to MCEER research. While associated with MCEER, students participate in annual Center Investigator meetings, attend conferences, workshops and seminars, and have the opportunity to make presentations at these events. The SLC was formed in 1999 to formalize these programs and to afford students from many different institutions the opportunity to meet with each other and develop/improve interaction.


SLC Website

SLC Members

SLC Activities

2005 MCEER Annual Meeting

Michael Pollino's presentation
Student Leadership Council (SLC) Review ( PDF 1.3 mb)

Student Posters

2005 MCEER Seismic Design Competition for Undergraduates

MCEER Bulletin Articles

Fifth Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition Held in New Orleans (2008)

SLC activities (Fall 2007)

2007 Tri-Center Field Mission to Japan (Fall 2007)

Five MCEER-sponsored SLC Members Present Research at the 2007 ASCE Structures Congress (Summer 2007)

Tri-Center Field Mission to Japan Planned (Summer 2007)

MCEER SLC Student Receives Award at the 2007 ANCER Meeting (Summer 2007)

MCEER Team Wins Egor Popov Prize in the First Annual Tri-Center Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition (Summer 2007)

Education and Outreach Activities at the University at Buffalo (Summer 2007)

Vargas wins Best Student Paper Award (Spring 2007)

MCEER-SLC Competes in 6th APEC-IDEERS Seismic Design Competition in Taiwan (Spring 2007)

SLC Members Participate in MCEER Annual Meeting (Spring 2007)

MCEER-UB Team Competes in Third Annual Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition (Summer 2006)

MCEER SLC Members Participate in 8NCEE (Summer 2006)

UB Students Visit Middle School (Summer 2006)

UB Hosts Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition (Spring 2006)

Sixth Annual MCEER SLC Retreat Held in Tallahassee (Spring 2006)

Opportunities for Students (Spring 2006)

Mechanical Engineering Student Investigates Passive Fluid Dampers at MCEER (Summer 2005)

2005 Tri-Center Field Mission to Greece (Summer 2005)

Florida A&M Team Takes Second Place at PEER Competition (Summer 2005)

MCEER SLC Members Reach Out to Community (Summer 2005)

MCEER Annual Meeting Convenes Stakeholders, Partners, Students and Researchers (Spring 2005)

Outgoing SLC President Wins Best Student Article Competition (Spring 2005)

MCEER SLC Members Participate in 2005 EERI Annual Meeting (Spring 2005)

Florida Team Wins First MCEER Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition (Spring 2005)

2005 UB-MCEER Quake and Shake (Spring 2005)

Four MCEER SLC Members Participate in Tri-Center Field Mission to Greece (Spring 2005)

NSF Site Team Reviews MCEER Activities and Future Plans (Fall/Winter 2004)

2004 MCEER Student Leadership Council Retreat (Fall/Winter 2004)

2004 Tri-Center Student Field Mission to Japan (Fall/Winter 2004)

2004 Annual Meeting Focuses on Engaging Community, Enlisting Opinion and Attaining Resilience (Spring 2004)

MCEER SLC Holds Fourth Annual Student Retreat at Cornell (Spring 2004)

Winner of First “Best Student Article” Competition Presents Research at Annual Meeting (Spring 2004)

Tri-Center Student Field Mission (Spring 2004)

Students Play Important Role in NSF Site Visit (Summer 2003)

Italy is Setting for Second Tri-Center Field Mission (Winter 2002/Spring 2003)

Student Leadership Council Activities (Winter 2002/Spring 2003)

Student Leadership Council Activities(Spring/Summer 2002)

Update on SLC Activities (Winter 2001-2002)

Student Leadership Council Activities (Fall 2001)

Student Leadership Council Activities (Summer 2001)

SLC Debuts First Issue of Student Research Accomplishments (Summer 2001)

Student Leadership Council Participation in Annual Meeting (Fall 2000) (PDF 0.09 MB)

Student Leadership Council Summer Meeting (Fall 2000) (PDF 0.09 MB)

Student Spotlight (MCEER Bulletin Articles)

Each issue of the MCEER Bulletin includes a feature article on an outstanding MCEER student.

Student Spotlight: Saeed Fathali (2008)

Student Spotlight: Gian Paolo Cimellaro (Fall 2007)

Student Spotlight: Marlon Hill (Summer 2007)

Student Spotlight: Robert Corbin (Spring 2007)

Student Spotlight: Ramiro Vargas (Summer 2006)

Student Spotlight: Yufeng Hu (Spring 2006)

Student Spotlight: Gordon Warn (Summer 2005)

Student Spotlight: Jeffrey Berman (Spring 2005)

Student Spotlight: Cagdas Kafali (Fall/Winter 2004)

Student Spotlight: Darren Vian (Spring 2004)

Student Spotlight: Daniel Fenz (Summer 2003)

Student Spotlight: Terri Norton (Winter 2002/Spring 2003)

Student Spotlight: Seyed Ali Ashrafi (Fall 2002)

Student Spotlight: Rory Connell (Spring/Summer 2002)

Student Spotlight: James Mason (Winter 2001-2002)

Student Spotlight: Ali Rejaie (Fall 2001)

Student Spotlight: Ani Natali Sigaher (Summer 2001)

Student Spotlight: Diego Lopez Garcia (Winter 2000-Spring 2001) (PDF)

Student Spotlight: Jason Hanley (Fall 2000) (PDF)

Student Spotlight: Gauri-Shankar Guha (Summer 2000) (PDF 0.05 MB)

Student Spotlight: Keith Kesner (Spring 2000) (PDF 0.13 MB)

Student Research Volumes

Since 2001, MCEER has published an annual collection of short papers on the work of some of MCEER's current students, written completely by students, on topics ranging from traditional civil and lifeline engineering to applications of advanced technologies to social impacts and economic modeling.

Student Research Accomplishments: 2006-2007

Student Research Accomplishments: 2004-2005

Student Research Accomplishments: 2003-2004

Student Research Accomplishments: 2002-2003

Student Research Accomplishments: 2001-2002

Student Research Accomplishments: 2000-2001