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Seventh Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition Held in San Francisco

The 2010 Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition was held February 3-6 in San Francisco, California as part of the 2010 EERI Annual Meeting.

This year has generated a lot of enthusiasm, with fifteen students working on the UB model. The 2010 team is led by senior Tim Nealon, Nick Montaldi, Wayne Tsang, Chih Kai Chang, Ha Nool Ohl, Kyle Duck, Rob Leipler, Steve Dix, Fei Xie, Nawras Taffal, Jenna Arcangeli, Dan Levine, Hui Taat Gew, Matt Ellis, and Rich Skomra. Doctoral candidate, Petros Sideris, offered critique on both the poster and the model.

The University at California, San Diego took 1st place; University of Missouri took 2nd place; and 3rd place went to the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

For more information on this year’s and past competitions, visit our Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition page.