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Seminar and Webcast

MCEER Thrust Area 2 Coordination Meeting:
Seismic Retrofit of Acute Care Facilities

Friday, December 16, 2005
8:45 -5:00 pm (EST)

140 Ketter Hall, University at Buffalo


Thank you for your interest in MCEER’s Thrust Area 2 (TA2) research on the Seismic Retrofit of Acute Care Facilities.

Hospitals rendering acute care are among the most critical of facilities. Depended upon for emergency medical services following damaging earthquakes, these facilities must not only remain standing, they must remain fully operational. The latter is the overall goal of MCEER’s Thrust Area 2 (TA2) research on Seismic Retrofit of Acute Care Facilities.

To this end, studies focus on both the performance of hospital buildings (structural), as well as protection of equipment and contents (nonstructural components).

The TA2 Coordination meeting will feature presentations from MCEER researchers involved in these studies. Presentations will serve to report on progress of the current year’s research (October 1, 2005 – September 30, 2006), and propose further studies for the coming research year, beginning October 1, 2006.

Members of MCEER’s Strategic Partnerships Network and Industry Advisory Board are provided “member-only” access to this meeting, either live at the University at Buffalo, or via webcast. MCEER welcomes their participation and comments. Webcast participants are invited to submit their questions and comments via e-mail at:

MCEER hopes that the proceedings of this meeting prove fruitful to the work of its partners’ work in the field, and as always, the center is appreciative of their many contributions.

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