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by G.W.Housner

From the Editors

Attenuation characteristics of ground motions in northern China
Wong Yuk Lung, Zhao John X and Luo Qifeng

Influence of earthquake ground motion incoherency on multi-support structures
Yang Qingshan, M. Saiid Saiidi, Wang Hang and Ahmad Itani

Response of single piles and pipelines in liquefaction-induced lateral spreads using controlled blasting
Scott A. Ashford and Teerawut Juirnarongrit

Fragility curves of concrete bridges retrofitted by column jacketing
Masanobu Shinozuka, Sang-Hoon Kim, Shigeru Kushiyama and Jin-Hak Yi

A disjoint algorithm for seismic reliability analysis of lifeline networks
Han Yang and Sun Shaoping

Recent developments in seismically isolated buildings in Japan
Shin Okamoto, Nagahide Kani, Masahiko Higashino, Norihide Koshika, Masayuki Kimizuka, Mitsumasa Midorikawa and Masanori Iiba

Nonlinear earthquake response analysis and energy calculation for seismic slit shear wall structures
Jiang Huanjun and Lu Xilin

Optimal placement of dampers and actuators based on stochastic approach
Franklin Y. Cheng, Hongping Jiang and Xiaozhe Zhang

Seismic analysis of structures with a fractional derivative model of viscoelastic dampers
Tsu-sheng Chang and Mahendra P. Singh

Approximate analysis method for displacement responses of structures with active variable stiffness systems
Wu Bo, Liu Fentao and Wei Demin

Wind-induced vibration control of bridges using liquid column damper
Xue Suduo, J.M. Ko and Y. L. Xu

Investigation of earthquake mechanisms and their impact on certain basic concepts in earthquake engineering and seismology
Men Fulu

Principal axes of M-DOF structures: Part 1 - Static loading
Zach Liang and George C. Lee

Time-delay damping theory
Hong Feng

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ISSN: 1671-3664/CN23-1496/P
Frequency: 2
Volume 1, Number 2, 2002

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