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Optimal placement of dampers and actuators based on stochastic approach

Franklin Y. Cheng1, Hongping Jiang2 and Xiaozhe Zhang1

  1. Department of Civil Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla, Rolla, Missouri 65409,USA
  2. Technical Development Department, Magnatrax Corporation, 124 Kirby Drive, Portland, TN 37148, USA

Abstract: A general method is developed for optimal application of dampers and actuators by installing them at optimal location on seismic-resistant structures. The study includes development of a statistical criterion, formulation of a general optimization problem and establishment of a solution procedure. Numerical analysis of the seismic response in time-history of controlled structures is used to verify the proposed method for optimal device application and to demonstrate the effectiveness of seismic response control with optimal device location. This study shows that the proposed method for the optimal device application is simple and general, and that the optimally applied dampers and actuators are very efficient for seismic response reduction.

Keywords: optimal device placement; dampers; actuators; seismic response control; stochastic seismic response; seismic-resistant structures; equivalent modal analysis

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