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Dynamic stress concentration and scattering of SH-wave by interface elliptic cylindrical cavity

Chen Zhigang (陈志刚)1, Liu Diankui (刘殿魁)2 and Yang Zailin (杨在林)2

  1. Department of Civil Engineering, Jinan University,Guangzhou 510632, China

  2. School of Civil Engineering, Harbin Engineering University, Harbin 150001, China

Abstract: In this paper, the dynamic stress concentration and scattering of SH-waves by bi-material structures that possess an interface elliptic cavity are investigated. First, by using the complex function method, the Greenís function is constructed. This yields the solution of the displacement field for an elastic half space with a semi-elliptic canyon impacted by an anti-plane harmonic line source loading on the horizontal surface. Then, the problem is divided into an upper and lower half space along the horizontal interface, regarded as a harmony model. In order to satisfy the integral continuity condition, the unknown anti-plane forces are applied to the interface. The integral equations with unknown forces can be established through the continuity condition, and after transformation, the algebraic equations are solved numerically. Finally, the distribution of the dynamic stress concentration factor (DSCF) around the elliptic cavity is given and the effect of different parameters on DSCF is discussed.

Keywords: interface elliptic cavity; complex function; Greenís function; scattering of SH-wave; dynamic stress concentration; integral equation

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