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G. W. Housner

From the editors

Bi-normalized response spectral characteristics of the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake

Xu Longjun and Xie Lili

Dynamic responses under the excitation of pulse sequences

Dai Junwu, Mai Tong, George C. Lee, Qi Xiaozhai and Bai Wenting

Seismic spatial effects on dynamic response of long-span bridges in stationary inhomogeneous random fields

Lin Jiahao, Zhang Yahui and Zhao Yan

Seismic response control of a complex structure using multiple MR dampers: experimental investigation

Chen Jing, Xu Youlin, Qu Weilian and Wu Zhilun

Finite element investigation of steel built-up shear links subjected to inelastic deformations

Peter Dusicka, Ahmad M. Itani and Ian G. Buckle

Shaking table test and dynamic response prediction on an earthquake-damaged RC building

Ye Xianguo, Qian Jiaru and Li Kangning

Twin lintel belt in steel for seismic strengthening of brick masonry buildings

C. V. R. Murty, Jayanta Dutta and S. K. Agrawal

A simplified method of evaluating the seismic performance of buildings

Ashutosh Bagchi

Time-domain identification of dynamic properties of layered soil by using extended Kalman filter and recorded seismic data

Yibin Zheng, Wang Mansheng, He Liu, Ying Yao and Zhou Xiyuan

Diffraction of anti-plane SH waves by a semi-circular cylindrical hill with an inside concentric semi-circular tunnel

Vincent W. Lee, Luo Hao and Liang Jianwen

Analytical solutions for dynamic pressures of coupling fluid-solid-porous medium due to P wave incidence

Wang Jinting, Zhang Chuhan and Jin Feng

Dynamic stiffness matrix of a poroelastic multi-layered site and its Greenís functions

Liang Jianwen and You Hongbing

Seismic response analysis of arch dam-water-rock foundation systems

Du Xiuli and Wang Jinting

Application of experimental design techniques to structural simulation meta-model building using neural network

Fei Qingguo and Zhang Lingmi

Cracked structure-acoustic coupling problems by hybrid fractal FE and BE methods

Wu Guorong and Zhong Weifang

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ISSN: 1671-3664/CN23-1496/P
Frequency: 2
Volume 3, Number 2, 2004

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