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G. W. Housner

From the editors

Recording-based identification of site liquefaction

Hu Yuxian, Zhang Yushan, Liang Jianwen and Ray Ruichong Zhang

Representation of near-fault pulse-type ground motions

Xie Lili, Xu Longjun and Adrian Rodriguez-Marek

Identification of acceleration pulses in near-fault ground motion using the EMD method

Zhang Yushan, Hu Yuxian, Zhao Fengxin, Liang Jianwen and Yang Caihong

Neural network analysis of overturning response under near-fault type excitation

Nikos Gerolymos, Marios Apostolou and George Gazetas

Measurement of six degree-of-freedom ground motion by using eight accelerometers

Yang Zhenyu, Shen Yi and Liu Zhiyan

Greenís functions for uniformly distributed loads acting on aninclined line in a poroelastic layered site

Liang Jianwen and You Hongbing

Constant-ductility strength demand spectra for seismic design of structures

Zhai Changhai and Xie Lili

Earthquake safety assessment of concrete arch and gravity dams

Lin Gao and Hu Zhiqiang

Seismic rehabilitation and analysis of Chaohe earth dam

Lei Fu and Xiangwu Zeng

Extreme value distribution and reliability of nonlinear stochastic structures

Chen Jianbing and Li Jie

Modified precise time step integration method of structural dynamic analysis

Wang Mengfu and Zhou Xiyuan

An operational modal analysis method in frequency and spatial domain

Wang Tong, Zhang Lingmi and Tamura Yukio

Studies on structural vibration control with MR dampers using μGA

Li Hongnan, Chang Zhiguo and Song Gangbing

Test and numerical simulation of a new type of hybrid control technique

Meng Qingli, Zhang Minzheng and Cheng Dong

Experimental study on full-scale steel beam-to-column moment connections

Qian Jiaru, Yu Haiqun, Yan Feng, Dong Hai, Li Jianhua and Liu Yueming

Transient response of a beam on viscoelastic foundation under an impact load during nondestructive testing

Lu Sun, Feiquan Luo and Tung-Huei Chen

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ISSN: 1671-3664/CN23-1496/P
Frequency: 2
Volume 4, Number 2, 2005

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