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Reconstruction of earthquake hazard in regions of sparse seismic monitoring

Amr S. Elnashai

Mid-America Earthquake Center, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Illinois Champaign, at Urbana-Urbana, IL, USA

Abstract: Studying strong motion records and the spatial distribution of ground shaking is of great importance in understanding the underlying causes of damage in earthquakes. Many regions in the world are either not instrumented or are sparsely instrumented. As such, significant opportunities for motion-damage correlations are lost. Two recent and damaging earthquakes belong to the class of lost opportunities, namely the Kashmir (Pakistan) earthquake of October 2005 and the Yogyakarta (Indonesia) earthquake of May 2006. In this paper, an overview of the importance of supply and demand studies in earthquake-stricken regions is given, followed by two examples of investigative engineering seismology aimed at reconstructing the hazard from sparse data. The paper closes with a plea for responsible authorities to invest in seismic monitoring networks in the very near future.

Keywords: Kashmir earthquake; Yogyakarta (Indonesia) earthquake; field investigation; hazard reconstruction; sparse seismic monitoring; back-analysis; attenuation relationships

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