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Signal processing method for shear wave velocity measurement

Hou Xingmin (侯兴民), Qu Shuying (曲淑英) and Shi Xiangdong (时向东)

Yantai University, Yantai 264005, China

Abstract: Soil shear wave velocity (SWV) is an important parameter in geotechnical engineering. To measure the soil SWV, three methods are generally used in China, including the single-hole method, cross-hole method and the surface-wave technique. An optimized approach based on a correlation function for single-hole SWV measurement is presented in this paper. In this approach, inherent inconsistencies of the artificial methods such as negative velocities, and too-large and too-small velocities, are eliminated from the single-hole method, and the efficiency of data processing is improved. In addition, verification using the cross-hole method of upper measuring points shows that the proposed optimized approach yields high precision in signal processing.

Keywords: shear wave velocity; single-hole method; correlation function; optimized approach

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