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G. W. Housner

From the Editors

Near-fault ground motions with prominent acceleration pulses: pulse characteristics and ductility demand

Mai Tong, Vladimir Rzhevsky, Dai Junwu, George Lee, Qi Jincheng and Qi Xiaozhai

A new spatial coherence model and analytical coefficients for multi-support response spectrum combination

Wang Junjie (王君杰) and Chen Hu (陈 虎)

Analytical investigations of seismic responses for reinforced concrete bridge columns subjected to strong near-fault ground motion

Chin-Kuo Su (苏进国);Yu-Chi Sung (宋裕祺); Shuenn-Yih Chang (张顺益) and Chao-Hsun Huang (黄昭勋)

Traveling wave effect on the seismic response of a steel arch bridge subjected to near fault ground motions

Xu Yan (徐 艳)  and George C Lee

Nonlinear aspects of energy dissipation in wood-panel joints

Sara Casciati

Pushover analysis procedure for systems considering SSI effects based on capacity spectrum method

Wang Fengxia (王凤霞) and Ou Jinping (欧进萍)

Earthquake simulator tests and associated study of an 1/6-scale nine-story RC model

Sun Jingjiang (孙景江), Wang Tao (王 涛)  and Qi Hu (齐 虎)

Structural health monitoring of long-span suspension bridges using wavelet packet analysis

Ding Youliang (丁幼亮) and Li Aiqun (李爱群)

Dynamic performance of cable-stayed bridge tower with multi-stage pendulum mass damper under wind excitations — I: Theory

Guo Anxin (郭安薪), Xu Youlin (徐幼麟), Li Hui (李惠)

Semi-active model predictive control for 3rd generation benchmark problem using smart dampers

Yan Guiyun (颜桂云), Sun Bingnan (孙炳楠) and Lü Yanping (吕艳平)

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ISSN: 1671-3664/CN23-1496/P
Frequency: 4
Volume 6, Number 3, 2007

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