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Earthquake simulator tests and associated study of an 1/6-scale nine-story RC model

Sun Jingjiang (孙景江)1, Wang Tao (王 涛) 2 and Qi Hu (齐 虎) 1

  1. Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China Earthquake Administration, Harbin 150080, China
  2. Heilongjiang Institute of Science and Technology

Abstract: Earthquake simulator tests of a 1/6-scale nine-story reinforced concrete frame-wall model are described in the paper. The test results and associated numerical simulation are summarized and discussed. Based on the test data, a relationship between maximum inter-story drift and damage state is established. Equations of variation of structural characteristics (natural frequency and equivalent stiffness) with overall drifts are derived by data fitting, which can be used to estimate structural damage state if structural characteristics can be measured. A comparison of the analytical and experimental results show that both the commonly used equivalent beam and fiber element models can simulate the nonlinear seismic response of structures very well. Finally, conclusions associated with seismic design and damage evaluation of RC structures are presented.

Keywords: earthquake simulator test; reinforced concrete structure; nonlinear analysis; drift ratio

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