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G. W. Housner

Good News: George C. Lee Honored by White House

From the Editors

Field reconnaissance of the 2007 Niigata-Chuetsu Oki earthquake

Georgios Apostolakis, Bing Qu, Nurhan Ecemis and Seda Dogruel

Seismic liquefaction potential assessment by using relevance vector machine

Pijush Samui

3D simulation of near-fault strong ground motion: comparison between surface rupture fault and buried fault

Liu Qifang (刘启方), Yuan Yifan (袁一凡) and Jin Xing (金 星)

Engineering characteristics of near-fault vertical ground motions and their effect on the seismic response of bridges

Li Xinle (李新乐), Dou Huijuan (窦慧娟) and Zhu Xi (朱 晞)

Study on inelastic displacement ratio spectra for near-fault pulse-type ground motions

Zhai Changhai (翟长海, Li Shuang (李爽), Xie Lili (谢礼立) and Sun Yamin (孙亚民)

Peak earthquake response of structures under multi-component excitations

Jianwei Song, Zach Liang, Yi-Lun Chu and George C. Lee

Multi-hazard performance assessment of a transfer-plate high-rise building

Xiangming Zhou and Y L Xu (徐幼麟)

Load history-based model for prestressed concrete beam damage evaluation

Yuan Jianli (袁建力), Wang Yi (王仪) and Qian Zhonghui (钱仲慧)

Application of saddlepoint approximation in reliability analysis of dynamic systems

Ka-Veng Yuen (阮家荣), Jia Wang (王 家) and Siu-Kui Au (区兆驹)

Performance of a base isolator with shape memory alloy bars

Fabio Casciati, Lucia Faravelli and Karim Hamdaoui

Robust H control for aseismic structures with uncertainties in model parameters

Song Gang (宋 刚), Lin Jiahao (林家浩), Zhao Yan (赵岩), W. Paul Howson and Fred W Williams

Dynamic performance of cable-stayed bridge tower with multi-stage pendulum mass damper under wind excitations II: Experiment

Guo Anxin (郭安薪), Y L Xu (徐幼麟) and Li Hui (李惠)

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ISSN: 1671-3664/CN23-1496/P
Frequency: 4
Volume 6, Number 4, 2007

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