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From the Editors: special issue announcement

We wish to sincerely thank Professor LU Xilin, Tongji University, and Professor YUAN Yifan, Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China Earthquake Administration, for serving as the guest editors of this special issue on the "Observations and Lessons Learned Following the Wenchuan Earthquake." Their expertise has helped to provide 12 papers relevant to this devastating natural disaster.

Papers in this issue include three on ground motion characteristics, three on geotechnical issues such as landslide susceptibility and liquefaction phenomena, and six on damage to structures such as large dams, bridges and frame structures. In addition to this special issue, the journal will dedicate a special section in selected forthcoming issues to papers that offer additional insights and lessons learned from the Wenchuan earthquake.

We plan to publish a third special issue to honor the distinguished academic career of Professor T.T. Soong, of the University at Buffalo. The journal is honoring his many important contributions in the field of structural control during his 46-year professional career by inviting several of Dr. Soong’s colleagues to contribute state-of-the-art review papers. A number of his former students have also been invited to contribute technical papers on the topic of structural control. The theme for the special issue is "Advances in Seismic Response Control of Structures," and it will be published in December, 2009 (Vol. 8, No. 4).

We also want to take this opportunity to thank the managing editors, Dr. Jianguo Xiong and Ms. Jane Stoyle, for their super work and dedication in processing the twelve manuscripts in this special issue.

The journal of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration will continue to enhance the establishment of earthquake resilient communities throughout the world by rapidly transmitting your technical contributions to the earthquake engineering research and professional community. It is our hope that this special issue will facilitate professional and research pursuits to our readers.

Xiaozhai Qi (IEM)
George C. Lee (MCEER)

May 22, 2009


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