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Current News

Research Helps Paint Finer Picture of Massive 1700 Earthquake

In 1700, a massive earthquake struck the west coast of North America. Though it was powerful enough to cause a tsunami as far as Japan, a lack of local documentation… PhysOrg

How Natural Disasters Changed the World in 2012

Last year, an estimated 32.4 million people worldwide were forced from their homes due to natural disasters. Here, 10 countries that suffered some of the worst displacements, according to the Norwegian Refugee Council… Time

Risk of Another Indian Ocean Earthquake, Tsunami Underestimated

The risk of Indian Ocean earthquakes and tsunamis similar to the 2004 Sumatra disaster is greater than previously thought, researchers say… UPI

Experimental Volcanoes Make a Blast

Controlled explosions could aid monitoring of active eruptions… Nature

Japan's 2011 Earthquake Upped Tokyo's Risk

The magnitude 9 earthquake that shook Japan in 2011 more than doubled the risk that a big quake will rattle Tokyo in the next five years… Science News

Sichuan 2008: A Disaster on an Immense Scale

In terms of the energy released, the Magnitude 7.9 earthquake that struck Sichuan province in China in May 2008 was not a record-setter. But the destruction it wrought, and the number of people it affected, certainly make it a stand-out event… BBC

Interior Department Releases $475m in Sandy Aid

The Interior Department on Tuesday said it is releasing more than $475 million to help repair the damage from Superstorm Sandy… Huffington Post

Chinese City Using Dogs to Predict Earthquakes

Looking to get an early notice on impending earthquakes, one Chinese city has decided to ditch technology in favor of a more unconventional system: dogs… Fox News

Bad Bay Bridge Bolts Won't Stop Work Towards Seismic Safety

The recent discovery of broken bolts on the new east span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge has understandably shaken public confidence in this world-class structure… CBS San Francisco

New Wave Seismic Modeling Sheds Light on Alaska Earthquakes

Carl Tape, a seismologist and assistant professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, is using supercomputers to do the first ever high-resolution simulations of Alaska earthquakes with computational models that he has played a major role in developing over the past 10 years… Alaska Dispatch

Seiji Yoshimura Rushes to Natural Disasters to Help

Yoshimura puts a priority on being able to rush to a disaster scene quickly to save as many lives as possible. Almost two decades later, he still regrets that it took him four days to reach Kobe in western Japan when it was struck by a magnitude-7.3 temblor… Christian Science Monitor

Sounding the Alarm

An early warning system would save thousands of lives when the next major earthquake hits. But will California find the money to implement it?… East Bay Express

Moderate Earthquake Kills 1, Injures 59 in Eastern Kashmir

The earthquake also damaged scores of private and government buildings, particularly in the three mountainous districts of Doda, Kishtwar, and Ramban closer to the epicenter, which was on the border with the eastern neighboring state of Himachal Pradesh… CNN International

Cognitive Earthquake: Who's Really in Need?

Scientists at the Erasmus University Rotterdam have a theory, which is that we respond to deaths more decisively than we respond to other, undefined suffering - even though it is obviously not the dead who need help. They set out to test this idea, and also to see if there might be a way to increase sensitivity to those left behind… Huffington Post

Engineering Professor Working to Help Bridges Survive Natural Disaster

Recently, engineers have begun to use wireless networks that are easier, cheaper and more resilient to structural damages, such as earthquakes or hurricanes, as they are able to reroute data to still provide it at critical times… Washington University in St. Louis News

Did an Earthquake Destroy Ancient Greece?

The disappearance of the Mycenaens is a Mediterranean mystery. Leading explanations include warfare with invaders or uprising by lower classes. Some scientists also think one of the country's frequent earthquakes could have contributed to the culture's collapse… Discovery

China Earthquake Points to Future Risk Sites

The deadly tremor that shook the city of Ya'an in southwestern China last weekend may hint at where future quakes will strike in the region, but researchers disagree on which seismic fault is likely to rupture next… Nature

Bangladesh Building Collapse Due to Shoddy Construction

The substandard construction methods that are suspected of triggering the deadly collapse of an eight-story building in Bangladesh on Wednesday are a common problem in developing countries… National Geographic

Ohioans Want to Preserve Legacy of Richter

Ohio native Charles Richter's scale for measuring the power of earthquakes isn't as widely used as before, but he has fans determined to make sure his name and legacy don't fade away… Washington Post

No Buildings Built after 2008 China Earthquake Collapsed in Recent Quake

No buildings constructed after a powerful earthquake struck southwest China in 2008 collapsed fully during last week's quake in the same province, which means they withstood a major test, an official said Thursday… Washington Post

Seismic Upgrade to Calaveras Reservoir Hits Big Snag

The Calavares Reservoir has been filled only to about 40 percent of capacity since 2001 because the 88-year-old dam holding the water back is subject to liquefaction. If the dam does fail, the lower water level is intended to limit damage downstream… KGO-TV San Francisco

TVA Admits Mistakes to NRC in Calculating Flood, Natural Disaster Risks

TVA spent much of the five-hour Atlanta meeting with NRC acknowledging the utility's mistakes in making flooding calculations and owning up to a culture of complacency about potential natural disasters… Chattanooga Times Free Press

Quake Studies a Global Draw in Reno

Using three 50-ton capacity shake tables, a two-story structure shuddered and shivered during a simulated high-level temblor at UNR’s Large-Scale Structures Laboratory… Reno Gazette Journal

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