Buffalo Museum of Science Discovery Camp

Andrew McNeil, of MCEER's Information Service, participated in the Buffalo Museum of Science Summer Discovery Camp on July 6th, 2009, to speak with a group of students on topics ranging from basic geophysical elements of earthquake propagation, potential dangers from seismic events, and physical characteristics of the liquefaction phenomenon. The Discovery Camps are weeklong educational experiences focused on central themes. These students ranged from ages 9-12 years old and were engaged in an exploration of the Unseen World. The students had recently completed construction of individual, simple structures that they intended to test for seismic performance on a basic shake table.

Group Photograph

Buffalo Museum of Science

In keeping with the Camp's theme, Mr. McNeil also performed a physical demonstration on the properties of liquefaction generation and fielded questions from the eager students on varied topics including the safest way to design a house and where the most devastating earthquake in the world occurred.