Thomas Marks Elementary School Visit

MCEER Information Service hosted elementary school students for a combined lecture and demonstration on the core geophysical elements of earthquakes, the dangers from seismic disasters and the merits of earthquake engineering. The third grade students came from Thomas Marks Elementary School, which is part of the Wilson Central School District located in Wilson, NY.

The visit, hosted by Andrew McNeil, included a presentation which included many photos detailing structural damage from past, historical earthquakes and the archived test videos from the NEESWood Benchmark Shake Table Testing of a Full-Scale Two-Story Townhouse Woodframe Building performed in SEESL in November of 2006. The students had previously studied the basics of earthquakes and were eager to share their knowledge from the moment of their arrival.

Group Photograph

Thomas Marks Elementary School

Their teacher, Mike France, reported the students were very excited about the visit. "They came back from the field trip really jazzed up to learn more about earthquakes. The students actually took it upon themselves to read books about earthquakes (fiction and nonfiction) - I never had to say a word!"