Ultimate Scientists Club Visit

MCEER Information Service hosted a homeschool science group hailing from the Rochester area for a combined lecture and demonstration on the core geophysical elements of earthquakes, the dangers from seismic disasters and the merits of earthquake engineering. The middle school students and their parents are participants in the Ultimate Scientists Club mentored by Jeff Nidetz. The visit was suggested by an alert student who had read about the NEES Equipment site in an issue of Popular Science.

Group Photograph

Ultimate Scientists Club

The visit, hosted by Andrew McNeil, included a presentation incorporating numerous photos detailing structural damage from past, historical earthquakes and the archived test videos from the NEESWood Benchmark Shake Table Testing of a Full-Scale Two-Story Townhouse Woodframe Building performed in SEESL in November of 2006. The students and their parent teachers had previously studied the basics of seismology and arrived with a host of questions concerning the work performed by MCEER. They visited UB on October 26, 2009.