Millions of researchers, scholarly writers, students, and librarians use EndNote to search online databases, organize references, images and PDFs, and create bibliographies instantly. We are pleased to offer our users access to a filter file which imports QUAKELINE® records into EndNote. A direct connection to QUAKELINE® through EndNote is not possible at this time.

To begin, you must have EndNote installed on your computer.

  • If you are affiliated with the University at Buffalo, you may obtain a free copy of the latest version of EndNote from the libraries' site.
  • If you are not affiliated with the University at Buffalo, you will need to obtain the software through your institution or by purchasing it. Visit the Endnote site for more information.

Downloading, Installing, and Using the EndNote Filter File

The UB libraries offer two custom EndNote filter downloads for the QUAKELINE® database – one for Internet Explorer and another for Firefox – supported with tutorials, installation directions, and EndNote FAQs. Visit the UB libraries' site for additional information.

Downloading records from QUAKELINE®

  • Perform a search in QUAKELINE®
  • When you locate a record of interest, click on "Print Version" at the bottom of the page
  • Select:
    • File
    • Save Page As
    • Name the file
    • Select text format for file type
    • Save file where you will be able to retrieve it later
    • Repeat as necessary for additional records
  • Within your EndNote library
    • Select File
    • Select Import
  • Browse for your saved text file
    • Select the text file you saved
    • Under Import Option, select the QUAKELINE® filter you saved through the process above
    • Select Import (your record should import automatically)
    • Once imported, double-click the entry to edit it.
    • Select the appropriate reference type (journal article, report, book, etc) from the menu
    • You will probably need to rearrange some data; however all the components needed for a proper citation should be included

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