Bridge Engineering Resources

AISI Steel Works: Bridges
Compiled by the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), this site includes design aids, research reports, and information on training and seminars. In addition, the AISI home page provides current news and data on the steel industry, a list of AISI publications, public policy issues, and links to steel-related trade associations, government agencies, research institutions, and member companies.
American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials (AASHTO)
Highlights of this site include the AASHTO Journal, which provides a weekly overview of transportation issues, and the AASHTO Regulatory Monitor (Regs Report) with weekly coverage of the US Federal regulations on transportation. Both documents can be searched using keywords.
AASHTO: Subcommittee on Bridges & Structures
This site includes a collection of links maintained by the American Association of State Highway Ttansportation Officials to other sites containing information on bridges and other large structures.
AASHTO: U.S. Bridge Information
AASHTO has developed a website of resource information regarding bridges for the use of the media and the general public. The site addresses frequently asked questions regarding bridges in the federally financed U.S. transportation system, including the numbers of bridges, condition of the bridge inventory, and work done in recent years to improve and invest in that inventory. It also explains key terms used by state and federal bridge experts and offers federal estimates of funding needs for bridge work in the United States.
Association for Bridge Construction & Design (ABCD)-Pittsburgh Chapter
This site contains links to directories and magazines, government agencies, professional associations, consultants, and manufacturers. Also featured are sections on bridges of the USA, bridges of the world, and bridge design tips for kids. Other ABCD chapters include Western New York @
Bridge Design & Engineering
Supplementing the magazine of the same name, this site contains selected articles from that publication, along with frequently updated news from the field, a calendar of upcoming professional events related to bridges, and an alphabetized list of industry links. The news archive contains updates appearing on the site from 1998 to the present.
Bridge Engineering
This comprehensive directory provides links to federal and state government agencies, universities and research institutions, professional associations, and businesses. It also provides links to bridge engineering software, publications, and exhibits containing bridge images.
Bridge Site
This site includes a list of bridge industry events, free software, design examples, and a bridge engineering newsletter, as well as links to professional associations, government agencies, a photo gallery, bridge consultants, a bridge discussion forum, and bridge-related links for kids.
FHWA Office of Bridge Technology
This Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Web site features links to the national bridge inspection, preservation and rehabilitation programs, a conference calendar, policy memoranda, and staff contacts. Information pertaining to geotechnical, hydraulic, and structural bridge design and management is also provided. Additional services and products, including publications, statistics, legislation and regulations, and FHWA programs are available from the FHWA home page at
International Association for Bridge & Structural Engineering (IABSE)
Visitors to this site will find the summaries to all technical articles of the most recent issues and one free article from Structural Engineering International. Additionally, summaries of IABSE Reports and Structural Engineering Documents are available, along with information on ordering these publications. Details about past and future IABSE Symposia are also presented on the site.
Journal of Bridge Engineering
A publication of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the Journal of Bridge Engineering is available for browsing and searching on this site, presenting issues dating from 1996 to the present. Also linked from this page is ASCE's Civil Engineering Database, which provides access to abstracted bibliographic records for all Society publications since 1970.
National Bridge Research Organization (NaBRO)
The focus of NaBRO, at the University of Lincoln, Nebraska, is to develop, collect and disseminate the latest technologies for the advancement of bridge design, construction, retrofit and maintenance - accomplished through partnerships with industry, government agencies and academia.
National Steel Bridge Alliance (NSBA)
A division of the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), the NSBA Web site provides information about events, publications, the world's longest bridge spans, and the prize bridge competition. Also included are a newsletter archive and the full-text of Bridge Crossings from issues of Modern Steel Construction.
Transportation Research Board (TRB)
In addition to a list of current programs, publications, and a meeting calendar, this National Academies of Science site provides access to the TRB Publications Index where citations for papers published in Transportation Research Records can be found. The TRIS (Transportation Research Information Services) database, a comprehensive resource for transportation information, is also available from this site.