Engineering Resources

ASCEville, ASCE's Website for Children, Helps Kids' Understanding of Civil Engineering
Where should kids go online to learn how civil engineers design and build a better world? To ASCEville, of course! Kids of all ages have a new online destination where they will be introduced to the important role of civil engineering in the world around us and the exciting challenges and possibilities that face civil engineers. ASCEville's engaging graphics, interactive activities, and compelling stories of inspiring young engineers appeal to kids, grades 4 – 8, while promoting the excitement, creativity, and rewards of civil engineering.
The ASEE Engineering K12 Center
Engineering K–12
Created by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), this resource center provides information to parents, teachers, and students interested in learning more about engineering technology and careers. The section, "So, You Want to Be an Engineer," is intended for high school students interested in pursuing an engineering career. Sections discuss frequently asked questions about engineering, an overview of engineering disciplines, and finding and affording engineering school.
Discover Engineering Online
Discover Engineering
Visit this site to find out what an engineer is and what different types of engineers do in their profession. You can play games, download images and video clips, find answers to frequently-asked-questions, and visit links to other engineering-related Web sites. For grades 5-12.
Engineer Girl!
Engineer Girl
At this Web site sponsored by the National Academy of Engineering, you can explore engineering careers, ask an engineer a question, find links to useful Web sites, and learn fun facts about women engineers and engineering achievements. Not for girls only! For grades 4-12.
National Engineers Week
National Engineers Week
This site contains links to information about National Engineers Week and engineering for engineers, engineering students, and K-12 teachers and students.
National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Pre-College Initiative (PCI) Program
National Society of Black Engineers
NSBE's Pre-College Initiative Program encourages kids in grades 6-12 to develop interest and skills in math and science and become engineers. At this Web site you can learn about student competitions and scholarships, learn how to start an NSBE Jr. Chapter, find monthly to-do lists for high school juniors and seniors, find SAT/ACT preparatory workshops, and read advice on college interviewing.
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) Student Membership Benefits
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
SHPE's Student Membership Web site provides information for pre-college, undergraduate and graduate level students regarding membership benefits, scholarships, fellowships, conferences, and research opportunities. The Programs section details various competitions, camps, and partnerships for all ages, and includes available funding information.
Society of Women Engineers (SWE): For Students
Society of Women Engineers
The SWE Web site provides information on engineering fields, a guide for high school girls on becoming engineers, activities for K-12 students, and a list of links to useful Web sites. Also included are answers to frequently-asked-questions, information on the SWE high school student mentoring program, and scholarship information for undergraduates, graduate students, and re-entry students.
Society of Professional Engineers
Student Engineers
Created by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), this Web site serves as a resource for both high school and college students seeking information about engineering and the role engineers play in our society. Sections discuss what engineers do, high school preparation, scholarship and internship opportunities, and employment resources for engineering students.
What's Next – An Earthquake?
National Academy of Engineering
This National Academy of Engineering site provides a link to the WTOP newscast and supporting information regarding the New Madrid earthquakes. Links to background materials, photographs, an introduction to earthquake engineering and the USGS "Top 10" Lists and Maps of Earthquakes are included. An audiofile of this WTOP newscast is also available.
WIEO – Women in Engineering Organization
Women in Engineering
Created by Tufts University, SWE (Society of Women Engineers), and WEPAN (Women in Engineering Programs & Advocates Network), this site helps girls and women explore the field of engineering. Here you can play engineering games, find great books about engineering in the Reading Room, and discover engineering projects you can do at home. You can also learn why you might choose a career in engineering and find out about contests and scholarships.